To offer you the finest quality product for the best possible price, sourced as sustainably as feasible, wrapped in love and good energy.
We try to do business in the most responsible way possible, making the most informed decisions with the information available to us. Sometimes, this can be more difficult than it sounds because there are a lot of “grey” issues to consider in the effort to be “green”. We work hard to find the perfect balance with every new idea and every decision we make.

We understand you have a choice, and that in today's economic climate, price is even more of a consideration. We realize there are less expensive shoes, however there’s a good chance they are inferior in terms of the quality of components and craftsmanship. Hopefully you also consider comfort and durability, and appreciate where products are made, their complete life cycle, impact on the environment, and who benefits from the company’s net profits. We work very hard to bring you the best products for the best price possible, striving to offer a superior value proposition. We believe we all need to pull together and make decisions that may not be ideal for the individual or for the corporation, but will be better for our collective souls.

We take into account the type of materials we use, how and where they are made, and who made them. We purchase our components from mostly local suppliers, including our packaging. Nearly all footwear companies manufacture in factories overseas, then truck the goods to a port, then put them on a ship sailing to America, then truck it from the port to a warehouse. Our California warehouse is just 16 miles from our factory; one truck/one short trip = very low carbon footprint.


We believe that walking on waves is better. The 1st wave absorbs initial shock to heel and ankle, the 2nd wave cushions the arch, the 3rd wave rolls you forward, and the 4th wave pushes you off.

Many shoes today are made in China using lightweight inexpensive materials that don’t offer much support and often breakdown in less than year. Squishy insoles that feel good in the store, don’t usually hold up by the end of a long day and wear down quickly, sometimes causing foot and back problems. We’re using the original moulds to create the bottoms that serve as a mediator between your feet and hard pavement aiding your natural movement. With all leather uppers, your Famolares may seem a bit heavier than what you're used to, but trust us, you don’t feel it when you’re walking in them, and Famolare's perfectly padded long lasting insoles sit on top of quality rubber soles that will last 20 years or more.

It’s that perfect blend of high quality raw materials that are mostly sourced locally, combined with the patented wavy sole design and quality hand-craftsmanship that provides the stability, enhanced gait, and long-lasting comfort you feel as you walk or stand on your feet all day. Famolares are designed to conform to your feet. Many people claim to feel energized while wearing them and some say Famolares make you feel like dancing.

We know you’ll make waves in your Famolares, so we’re honored to make them for you.