The Iconic 70's Footwear is Back, Baby!
"Make Waves"

A Note from Our Ceo:

After all these years in the fashion business, I'm so honored and excited to bring back my favorite 70's brand. Famolare had a big influence on our Southern California beach and emerging fashion culture.

Famolare started what is today a huge segment of the footwear industry: rubber bottomed women's shoes that are sexy, comfortable, and can help foot health as well as posture. Before Famolare, shoes had heels or were flat like flip-flops and sneakers. The original iconic Famolare wavy bottoms are very recognizable when you see them. Many footwear brands continue to knock off our signature and patented soles, but there is only one original - Famolare.

Over the past two decades as department stores have consolidated and many specialty independents have closed affordable luxury fashion houses have had a difficult time finding enough business to sustain a profitable infrastructure with a single brand. Luxury brands have consolidated, and/or shifted their focus to their diffusion (lower-priced) collections in order to sell the retailers with the biggest marketshare. This business climate has shortchanged consumers by leaving us with less good viable fashion choices. Many of the great brands that dominated the fashion landscape in the 90's and 20's have succumbed to market forces. Their spec'd down product is hardly recognizable as good quality today. Shoes, which are difficult to make and require several different components, was especially hard hit. Most shoes today, in our price range, are produced in China, and though the tag might read "leather upper", the lining and insoles are usually synthetic. Generally speaking, the denser the padding the better the quality the more expensive the foam. Therefore, squishy lightweight foam became more common for price reasons. Though it may feel comfortable when you first try them on and walk about, lightweight foam condenses, and does not help to reduce the impact or absorb shock between your feet and hard ground. This is the root cause of the increase in consumers with foot problems.

We believe that consumers deserve quality shoes for a reasonable price - and we are working hard to make them in the United States from mostly local components!

Flared and boot cut denim is the most flattering shape for most figures. Those types of pants look great with Famolares. My favorite construction is the Hi There. I like feeling taller and more powerful as I wear them. I can also walk for miles at street festivals and all over New York City in My Hi Theres and feel great at the end of a long day.

Our entire team looks forward to sharing our passion for quality shoemaking, and we hope you will be with us for the journey.

From one Fam Girl to another,

Love & Peace

Victoria Staten

Part of who we are as a tribe of Famolare girls are our attributes
A Famolare girl is A Famolare girl is not
Sophisticated Unreliable
Grounded Narcissistic
Provocative Arrogant
Uninhibited Condescending
Determined Neutral
Compassionate Unintentional
Survivor Cute
Lighthearted Demanding
Committed Afraid
Sensual Addicted
Outspoken Nasty
Earthy Ignorant
Inspiring Entitled
"Make Waves"